Luis Galindo

Information Scientist & Human Experience Designer

Luis Galindo

Information Scientist & Human Experience Designer

If research and experience design are 2 dots in a white sheet, my work is in the white space around the dots. I'm looking for the learning artefacts and environments of the future using information science to identify what does and doesn't work and experience design to apply these findings in different educational projects.

phone: +33 6 87 10 01 67


  Work Experience

Doctoral Researcher

TECHNÉ Laboratory - University of Poitiers | Poitiers, France - 01/2016 - Current

Scientific research and human experience design around educational projects that use new information and communication technologies (currently focusing my efforts on the fields of design, collaboration and invention of new digital learning artefacts).

Assistant Professor at the University of Poitiers

University of Poitiers | Poitiers, France - 10/2016 - Current

I'm an assistant professor in Information Science and Game Design for learning artefacts and environments (Master's degree) and Information and Communication Technologies (Undergraduate).

Design Engineer

Réseau Canopé | Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France - 01/2015 - 12/2015

Researching, designing and developing interactive and immersive learning environments using connected objects.


Kreative Baum | United States - South America - 06/2012 - 09/2014

Mobile technologies and game design: Development of new learning artefacts using mobile technologies and game design.

Project Leader

One Laptop Per Child | China - South America - United States - 05/2010 - 06/2012

Project Leader of a One Laptop per Child Project in South America, creating with school children educational videogames through the One Laptop Per Child Software and Hardware.

Language and Technology assistant

Ministry of National Education (France) | Perpignan, France - 08/2011 - 05/2012

Language learning with school kids through the design of educational videogames.

  Education Highlights

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Science

University of Poitiers | France - 2016 – 2019

In charge of the REMASCO project (to redesign and reinvent the digital school textbook). We are interested in how online collaboration in an heterogenous group impacts invention in the design process of digital learning artefacts. From an industrial point of view, we use the case of the REMASCO project to redesign and develop digital school textbooks through a new online collaboration framework.

Master 2 - Engineering of Medias in Education

University of Poitiers | France - 2014 - 2015

Design and Development of learning artefacts and environments using connected objects. My topic was about student engagement and its connection to learning environments by integrating different teaching scenarios and new technologies.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Certified Networked Associate, Engineering | United States - 2006 - 2009

Understand how complex systems work. Design and Development of Computer Networks.


Galindo L.

IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies | Timisoara, Romania - 2017

How collaboration in a heterogeneous team impacts invention in the design process of digital learning objects? The case of the REMASCO project to redesign and reinvent the digital school textbook through an online and collaborative design framework. The 17th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2017) “Advanced Technologies for Supporting Open Access to Formal and Informal Learning”. Timisoara, Romania.

Galindo L.

Journées thématiques « Interactions » de l'École Doctorale CCL | Poitiers, France - 2017

Interactions collaboratives en ligne, quel rapport avec l’invention et l’intelligence collective d’un groupe de conception. Journées thématiques « Interactions » de l’école doctorale « Cognition, Comportements, Langage(s) », Poitiers, France.

Galindo L.

Conférence sur les Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain | Strasbourg, France - 2017

Comment les interactions collaboratives et coopératives en ligne dans une équipe de conception qui travaille dans un écosystème hétérogène influence-t-ils l’invention dans le processus de conception de manuels scolaires numériques d’histoire ? N. Guin, B. De Lièvre, M. Trestini, & B. Coulibaly (Eds.), Actes de la 8ème Conférence sur les Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain (pp. 269-280). Strasbourg : ATIEF, France.

Galindo L., Pierrot L., Gracia Moreno C.

ORPHEE Rendez-Vous | Font-Romeu, France - 2017

Observer les traces d’interaction pour comprendre les usages numériques. Description de la publication l’atelier Méthodologies et outils pour le recueil, l’analyse et la visualisation de traces numériques d’interaction, ORPHEE Rendez-Vous. Font-Romeu, France

Galindo L.

Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en EIAH (RJC EIAH) | Montpellier, France - 2016

Quel modèle de conception pour favoriser l’invention des manuels scolaires du futur ? Communication présentée au colloque Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en EIAH (RJC EIAH), Montpellier, France.


Rencontres Nationales du Numérique 2017

Poitiers, France - 12/2017

I was invited to give a conference about the connection of collaboration, invention and innovation in the digital age, featuring a project that fusions science and industry. Title of the conference: "How to reinvent the digital experiences of tomorrow in education? Let's start by making the link between collaboration, invention and innovation."

Fête de la Science 2017

Poitiers, France - 10/2017

I was invited by "La Fête de la Science" (a national meeting around science) to give two conferences: 1) About the new ways of collaboration and 2) To present a project that make the link between the virtual world and the real world through a mobile game that allows worldwide collaboration and impact.

29th Francophone Conference on Human-Machine Interaction

Poitiers|Futuroscope, France - 08/2017

Title of presentation : "How do online collaborative interactions in a heterogeneous design group constituted by different actors of the education field have an impact in the process of inventing digital learning artefacts"

eTwinning National Conference (France)

Bordeaux, France - 03/2017

I was invited by eTwinning France to give the inaugural speech of their 2017 annual meeting guiding around 200 Teachers Ambassadors from all over the country. I was also in charge of the animation of a Hackathon organized by eTwinning.

Université d'été Ludovia #13

Ax-les-Thermes, France - 08/2016

Digital school textbooks: between design, collaboration and invention. Presented at the Ludovia #13 symposium: presence, attention and engagement with new digital technologies in the classroom.

Hackaton organized by the Ministry of Education (France)

Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France - 05/2016

Presentation for the Hackaton of "l’école numérique" with the Ministry of Education and Réseau Canopé (France).

European Education Fair - stand of the Ministry of Education (France)

Paris, France - 04/2016

For the European Education Fair organized in Paris, I was invited to be part of the Ministry of Education (France) to present an activity with High School students to solve different challenges proposed by recognized researchers from around the world.

Educational Challenge - The Do School (Germany)

Berlin, Germany - 12/2015

Sélectionné parmi 19 autres personnes de différentes nationalités pour résoudre un défi éducatif en 3 semaines proposé par la fondation Siemens. The final solution was presented to the Siemens Stiftung directors and to other invited politicians and German companies.

Rethinking ICT and Education - The World Exposition (China)

Ningbo, China - 06/2010

Invited among other participants from all over the world to rethink ICT in Education environments.


The REMASCO Project

ReDesign and ReInvent the Digital School Textbook - 2016 - Current

How to rethink the textbooks of the future? we will build 6 prototypes with different startups from the French Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

NASA Space App Challenge

Game Design and Scientific Research | - 2017 - Current

On the SpaceApps Challenge, organized by NASA agency, we collected and matched scientific data that helped us to understand what happens in regards to deforetation in each corner around the world. We designed a system that aims to keep The Earth away from self-destruction due to deforestation.

The EngageLab Project

A new model for student engagement | - 2014 - 2016

Design Thinking for the classroom. Solving challenges by connecting French students with the world.

Kreative Baum | Code and Creative Learning

Mobile Technologies and Game Design for Education - 2012 - 2014

Experience design, storytelling and game design using mobile applications to learn.

One Laptop Per Child

Code and Creative Learning with the Xo Computer designed by One Laptop Per Child | - 2010 - 2011

A project in South America to enhance creativity through the interaction with new technologies (specially code).


   Scientific Reasearch and Design Thinking

As a scientist, I design and implement experiments using the Scientific Method, as an Engineer and Designer I use Design Thinking to implement my findings. I also animate workshops using a new method based on both approaches.

  • 100% Complete
    The Scientific Method 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Design Thinking 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Public Speaking and Presentations 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Collaboration and management tools 100%
  • 85% Complete
    Writing articles (Spanish, English & French) 85%

   Social Analytics

As a scientist, I use statistics to make sense of my findings and display data in an understandable way. As an experience designer, I need quantitative and qualitative approaches to better understand how people think and feel. My preference tools are R for statistics and Gephi for interactions and networks.

  • 100% Complete
    Methods and Statistics for Social Sciences 100%
  • 100% Complete
    Gephi 100%
  • 85% Complete
    Creating and Managing Databases (SQL) 85%
  • 85% Complete
    R Software Environment 85%

   Web-Mobile Development & Computer Networks

As an engineer, I have to imagine and create solutions all the time, and I need very often to prototype them, so I have a set of skills to do it: I use HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 for the development part, and tools like SketchApp to design the experience faster before the development process.

  • 90% Complete
    SketchApp and InvisionApp 90%
  • 80% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3 80%
  • 80% Complete
    JavaScript 80%
  • 70% Complete
    Computer Networks 70%

   Game Design, Storytelling & Human Machine Interaction

As I create experiences using information and communication technologies, I have a good experience using Game Design and Storytelling to better deliver an experience and I have a very good scientific understanding of the Human Machine Interaction field.

  • 90% Complete
    Storytelling 90%
  • 80% Complete
    Game Design 80%
  • 80% Complete
    Human Machine Interaction Analysis 80%


   Spanish, English & French

Spanish is my mother tongue. I am also completely fluent in English and French (Read, Speak and Write) as I studied and worked in both languages.

  • 100% Complete
    Spanish 100%
  • 100% Complete
    English 100%
  • 100% Complete
    French 100%

   German & Portuguese

I can communicate in both languages, but I still need to keep learning and especially practicing.

  • 75% Complete
    Portuguese 75%
  • 50% Complete
    German 50%